Metro Caribbean picks for Top 10 Beaches in Barbados

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Metro Caribbean picks for Top 10 Beaches in Barbados

Do you need to getaway, relax and unwind, or take a vacation? The best escape is to the Caribbean, popularly known for its sun, sand, and sea! Travel to the beautiful island of Barbados for your unique slice of Paradise. Serenity and tranquillity awaits you!


Gibbes BeachMetro Caribbean picks for Top 10 Beaches in BarbadosPhoto Credits: TripAdvisor

Welcome to Gibbes beach, one of the most tranquil beaches on the island. Gibbes beach is located on the beautiful west coast of Barbados, also known as the Gold Coast and adjoins the popular Mullins beach.

The beach here is considered one of the most unpopulated on the island and is perfect for relaxing in a quiet and peaceful atmosphere under the warm Caribbean sun. The crystal clear and incredibly calm waters are great for a soothing and relaxing swim.

Gibbes beach is excellent for watersports. For a little excitement try the water skiing and experience the wave runners. Gibbes beach is also great for snorkelling.


Bottom Bay Beach, Barbados

Metro Caribbean picks for Top 10 Beaches in Barbados Photo Credit:

Tucked away on the south coast is Bottom Bay, a wide expansive beach with smooth rolling waves riding onto the shore. The beach is semi enclosed by high coral cliffs, providing a panoramic view of the south shore. The scene is completed by the presence of tall palm trees that add to the peaceful and relaxing atmosphere of the bay.

A favourite picnic spot, Bottom Bay is also becoming a popular place to live with a number of homes are being built on top of the cliffs overlooking the beach and ocean. People who live there report spotting turtles and whales in the waters below.

Bathing here is not recommended, as the waves are very strong, and great care should be shown by those who choose to do so.


Crane Beach, Barbados

Metro Caribbean picks for Top 10 Beaches in BarbadosPhoto Credit:

Pink, powder-soft sand graces your feet, a lush coconut grove sways in the tropical breeze and a golden Caribbean sun helps to make this the ultimate paradise for individuals, families and couples. And then, there is the swimming – accessible by a staircase or a glass-front beach elevator (the only one of its kind in the Eastern Caribbean) and protected by a natural coral reef, Crane Beach boasts one of the best swimming venues on the island of Barbados

Crane Beach, originally a harbour, is considered by many to be one of the island’s most beautiful beaches. In fact, Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous rated it as “one of the ten best beaches in the world”!

There are powerful waves in this area, making the Crane beach a great spot for boogie boarding.

The name “Crane” was derived from the large crane situated at the top of the cliff which was used for loading and unloading ships.


Paradise Beach, Barbados

Metro Caribbean picks for Top 10 Beaches in BarbadosPhoto Credit:

Paradise Beach is a relatively quiet beach located on the west coast of Barbados.

The very popular Cunard Paradise Hotel sat on the shores of this west coast beach and in the early 1980’s the beach was a haven of activity as guests enjoyed swims in the tranquil waters, horse rides along the beach, and numerous watersports activities.

With the closure of the hotel the beach became much quieter with the occasional Jet Ski and fishing boats passing by.

Around the corner from Paradise beach you will find Freshwater Bay and a small fishing village.

A wonderful place for swimming, the area also has some shallow rock formations which may be of interest to the snorkeler.

Paradise Beach adjoins Batts Rock beach and the wooded area between the two beaches is perfect for picnics. (You must use the Batts Rock entrance to access Paradise Beach by car.)


Carlisle Bay, Barbados

Metro Caribbean picks for Top 10 Beaches in Barbados Photo Credit:

With such a long stretch of sandy beach, Carlisle Bay is a popular work out spot for many Bajans in the early morning and at sunset. In fact, the length of the beach at Carlisle Bay also spans both Browne’s and Pebbles beaches.

It’s a great beach for a scenic walk (or run) along the sand followed by a dip in the beautiful calm waters of the bay.

Carlisle Bay is also a perfect spot for a picnic, and you’ll find that many locals head to this beach on a Sunday for some family fun in the sun.

Carlisle Bay has a lot of action, however because of the length of the beach, you never feel overcrowded. There are a variety of beach vendors who will gladly rent you a beach chair and umbrella for a reasonable price per day. In the evening, the beach gets a little fuller as locals head down to play beach tennis, participate in fitness and swimming groups, and kayak on the calmer waters here.

You can also go scuba diving or snorkelling at Carlisle Bay as man-made shipwrecks have been sunk to encourage marine life, making this an excellent diving spot.

And, there are plenty of water sports on offer like jet skis and boat rides to keep you entertained all day long.


Pebbles Beach, Barbados

Metro Caribbean picks for Top 10 Beaches in BarbadosPhoto Credit: The Guardian

Pebbles Beach is on the outskirts of Bridgetown on South West Coast of Barbados, in the parish of St. Michael, with Bridgetown Harbour and Carlisle Bay to the north, and Needham’s Point Beach and Lighthouse and Drill Hall Beach to the south.

In contrast to its name, Pebbles Beach in Barbados is an idyllic Caribbean beach, with gently swaying palm trees, soft white sand and brilliant azure waters. The Barbados Yacht Club is located on Pebbles Beach Yacht, the yacht owners anchoring their vessels in the calm sea at Pebbles Beach in Barbados. Visitors can spend time observing these amazing crafts, swimming, sunbathing or joining in with some of the beach activities on offer, including water sports such as jet skis, catamaran cruises, and glass bottom boat trips.

Pebbles Beach is an excellent place for swimming as the sea is calm with no dangerous undertow or currents and no rocky outcroppings. There is a lifeguard on duty, and toilet, shower and changing facilities. If you spend the day there and take a picnic, there are plenty of picnic tables and a playground where the children can carry on having fun.


Miami Beach, Barbados

Metro Caribbean picks for Top 10 Beaches in Barbados Photo Credit: TripHobo

Miami Beach in Barbados is an endless expanse of powder soft white ‘with a hint of pink’ sandy beach, sheltered by tall cliffs and fringed with shady trees, and with safe crystal clear azure waters gently lapping onto the seashore.

Miami Beach is the ultimate place for a family for a day at the beach. There are places to park; plenty of beach chairs, sun loungers and umbrellas for renting so you can sunbathe or watch the fishing boats head out to sea; miles of sand where children can run, play and dig; a warm, vivid turquoise sea for swimming, with all year round small to medium waves; body ‘boogie’ boards for rent so you can experience the thrill of ‘riding’ the waves; local vendors selling clothes, beachwear, beach accessories, and jewellery; vans selling snacks, soft drinks and refreshments all day, and numerous picnic benches in the shade of Casuarina trees where you can escape from the heat, cool down and enjoy your picnic.

To make your day easier and safer, Miami Beach has a shallow sea area for safe swimming, protected by a breakwater; good disabled access to the beach; showers and toilets; and a lifeguard on duty. Be careful if you are swimming near the cliffs though, especially when the sea is in at high tide; and if you walk barefoot from the car park to the beach, watch out for the tiny, but very sharp, Casuarina pine cones on the ground! Children might like to collect these as well as searching for some of the beautiful shells that are washed onto the beach.

Miami Beach in Barbados is a very popular destination for the people of Barbados, particularly at weekends and Bank Holidays, so the best time to visit is probably during the week. As Miami Beach is so close to Oistins fishing village, why not combine a day at the beach with a purchase of some freshly caught fish for supper?


Oistins Beach, Barbados

Metro Caribbean picks for Top 10 Beaches in BarbadosPhoto Credit:

Along the south coast of the island, in the historic town of Oistins, is this lovely beach which in fact is two beaches separated by a jetty.

At the western end is a small cove. Despite its proximity to a busy road, the beach is surprisingly tranquil thanks to the tropical shrubs lining the beach which muffle the road noise. Here you can bathe in shimmering turquoise waters or soak up the sun on the sandy shores.

At low tide, you can extend your beach walk to the west onto Welches beach, a stunning beach that is one of the best on the south coast. Surfer’s Cafe overlooking Oistins beach is a fantastic spot for breakfast, lunch or dinner.


Bathsheba Bay, Barbados

Metro Caribbean picks for Top 10 Beaches in BarbadosPhoto Credits: TripAdvisor

Legend has it that Bathsheba, wife of King David, bathed in milk to keep her skin beautiful and soft. Legend also says that the surf covered white waters of Bathsheba, Barbados rich in minerals and life is said to resemble Bathsheba’s bath in both appearance health giving value.

This is the rugged east coast of Barbados, where visitors come to breathe the air, soak in the invigorating Bathsheba Pools and feel alive.

It is breathtakingly beautiful; wide white sand beaches stretch along a dramatic coastline of striking rock formations against which the Atlantic rollers break in cascades of foam. What at first glance look like huge boulders washed up on the beach are actually rock formations broken away from ancient coral reef!

The village of Bathsheba is home to a small community of fishing folk and their families. Along the coast are guest houses, local rum shops and restaurants. It is a hideaway for discerning tourists and for Bajans who frequently weekend here in their seaside cottages along the shore.  Be sure to make a stop at Bathsheba Park, a great spot for a picnic, picture-taking and just enjoying this amazing place.


Long Beach, Barbados

Metro Caribbean picks for Top 10 Beaches in BarbadosPhoto Credit: Flickr

Located at one of the most south-easterly points of the island, the isolated Long Beach in Barbados is nonetheless worth seeking and finding if you can. The cliff above the beach offers an excellent vantage point from which to view the wonderful surrounding scenery, and there are benches provided. There are a number of steps that lead down to the beach so you will need to be reasonably able bodied to get to the sand.

Surrounded by jagged cliffs and edged with swaying palms, the panoramic white powdery beach at Long Beach is Barbados’s longest beach, offering tourists and Bajans stunning scenery, a peaceful, relaxing area for a picnic, and clear shimmering turquoise waters. It is a perfect location for a romantic walk at sunset, and an unbeatable backdrop for a tropical dream wedding. If you want to swim, the sea at Long Beach can be very rough, with large powerful waves and unpredictable currents and undertow. Strong swimmers should be fine, but it is sensible to visit this beach in a group for safety, especially as there is no lifeguard on duty. The strong cooling breezes at Long Beach in Barbados also provide the ideal conditions for surfing and kite surfing, but again caution is advised.

For the less active visitor who perhaps enjoys beachcombing, the beach yields many interesting treasures – pebbles, shells, bits of coral.

Have a lovely vacation ♥


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