Airport hotels with the best runway views

Airport hotels with the best runway views

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Airport hotels with the best runway views Source: CNN (CNN) — Airports are fascinating places, yet with the rush of check-in, security lines and boarding gates as we head out on our travels, we often don’t have time to truly experience them. Next time you fly, you could experience a view of the airport rarely seen by […]

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Secrets hotel managers really don't want you to know

Secrets hotel managers really don’t want you to know

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Booking a trip away? Here are some things you wish you’d known before – and you’ll be glad to know now. For example, larger hotels and chains often provide national reservation lines – these don’t have the same power to grant discounts as the hotel does. It’s the same for online booking sites – hotels […]

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  By Arwa Lodhi Most of us live in cities today, and so our holidays involve trying to escape the increasingly ubiquitous concrete jungles of the world for greener destinations. Which can be an issue. Generally, the more of us who choose beach and rain forest holidays, the more destruction we wreak on those places. […]

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