Top 20 Caribbean Islands where Women have the Biggest Bottoms

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Top 20 Caribbean Islands where Women have the Biggest Bottoms

Women are blessed all over the world with amazing shape, and one of the features men admire most in the female body is the butt. In hip hop culture, the body of the woman is used to sell music – especially those with big booties. The Caribbean region is paradise when it comes to that part of the female body, and we asked ourselves in a recent debate.. “Why are Caribbean Women Blessed more than most in Bam Bam?”. We came up with a few answers. Is it the ground provisions? the soca? what is it? lol In a survey conducted recently on the “Caribbean islands where women have the biggest bam-bams per capita” – the results were shocking.

1. Barbados 2. Dominican Republic / Puerto Rico 3. Haiti 4. Dominica 5. St Lucia 6. Jamaica 7. Antigua / Cuba 8. St Kitts & Nevis / Guyana (Mainland Territory) 9. Saint Vincent & the Grenadines 10. Grenada 11. Trinidad & Tobago 12. Guadeloupe 13. The Bahamas 14. St. Croix / Bermuda 15. Martinique 16. St Maarteen 17. Cayman Islands 18. Turks & Caicos 19. Tortola 20. Anguilla

Feel free to post your idea of this top ten, because we know everyone has their own idea of their top 10. Comment below!

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